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The dangers of over-confidence Thumbnail

The dangers of over-confidence

Have you noticed that everybody is an expert nowadays? Every opinion is deemed as valid as every other and people, at least in their own minds, quickly ascend to savant status on the basis of reading a feature article on their favourite topic.

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Get a life Thumbnail

Get a life

It seems every time you open a newspaper, you’re bombarded with the often competing views of equity analysts, economists and other pundits about the right level for stocks, the likely winning and losing sectors and what policy changes might mean for the market.

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Too much choice Thumbnail

Too much choice

Back in 2000, two psychologists published a study about jam. Sheena Lyengar and Mark Lepper wanted to know what happens when you give consumers more or less choice.

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Section 72 Thumbnail

Section 72

Irish house prices have confounded expectations and continued to rise despite a pandemic that threatened to de-rail the global economy. According to figures from DNG, house prices in July were 11.1% higher on a national level and 9.4% higher in Dublin than they were in June 2020. The average price of a resale property in Dublin now stands at €482,617 which is at a level not seen since 2009.

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No regrets Thumbnail

No regrets

Regret. This single emotion has been cited by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman as probably the greatest enemy of good decision-making in personal finance.

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The beating the market myth Thumbnail

The beating the market myth

Much of the mainstream media commentary around investing carries with it the assumption everybody’s goal should be to try to ‘beat’ the market. But what does that mean? And does it make any sense at all?

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